What if White women (especially in the USA) are now attracted to blacks? How do we get them back?

On pieville.net a guy posted a video where a white girl was saying that she is no longer attracted to white men and she no longer dates them. So he said that we need “White Sharia” law – which Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer said some time back.

I don’t believe in beating our women and treating them like shit. But I do believe that as white men we MUST, as part of the process of fighting back, we MUST seize ALL the white women back BY FORCE. I have deeper thoughts on this, but let me just leave it at that.

Here was what I wrote to the young white guy:

This is very interesting. But I think white women are very influenced by culture and Jews control the culture. White men will have to take control of white women by force. It does work. Check out the “Rape of the Sabines” in Roman History. The Roman men SEIZED their wives by FORCE. We can do it again. This is why we must build up our POWER and FORCE as MALES. We’re going to kill our enemies & seize all the white women back, BY FORCE! Then you’ll see those white girls change.

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