Western Jew Media misrepresenting the situation: American Propaganda about the anti-Putin Ukraine War protests – My Analysis

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I’ve been watching some of the American propaganda regarding the anti-Putin protests. I think here we can see, the most clearly, Western propaganda. They’re going on and on about how Russian men are fleeing.

But this is out of actual context. If you have to listen to the TV talking heads on US TV you’d think that all the Russian men are fleeing or will flee when in fact this is not so.

Russia has a population of 140 million and the manpower pool is about 25 million men. So what are a few tens of thousands? It’s nothing.

They also freak out about one place where there was some shooting. These incidents are a handful and it will change nothing.

The Western Liberals are pretending that Putin won’t have anyone to fight. That’s nonsense. It’s more likely the other way around. The vast majority of Russians believe Putin and will do what they’re told to do.

This ties back to things I spotted early in the war that the West wants to overthrow Putin.

It won’t be easy, but they’re trying.

What I do find fascinating is the "Westernisation" and "Liberalisation” of the Russians. In other words, turning them into a bunch of weak anti-War Liberal scum. Clearly American propaganda has had some effect on the Russians.

The West really wants Putin gone. The evil Jew scumbag Blinken was saying Putin must go because he’s daring to go against the UN and the World Order.

Putin is no White hero. But he did represent someone who went against the West.

Anyhow, the bottom line is that the vast majority of Russians will do their military duty if called up. The West is misrepresenting the situation.

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