Hello, You are now on the new site. This is where new articles will be posted.

HistoryReviewed.best is simply a place-holder until all the relevant Internet changes are complete. Then HistoryReviewed.best will become historyreviewed.com! Again.

There have been software upgrades. The new site should be more mobile friendly I think.

The main reason for the move was a certain piece of software that was not functioning at all.

Note: The pop-up for free books is up and running, but its not pretty like it was. However it works. And for now that is good enough.

The pop-ups for Free books will be changing TOTALLY in the coming months. Its a feature that has been very useful, but there are many things about it that I don’t like. So, bear with me regarding the rotten blank, white-light-gray rubbish look of the popups for now. They are serving a purpose for me. But they will be TOTALLY REPLACED in the coming months. Hopefully sooner rather than later. There are many things about them that I don’t like.

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