Weak minds: Christian Rick Wiles Blames ‘Nazis’ for the World’s Problems

I see that Rick Wiles the Christian is now blaming NAZIs for everything. What a total asshole he has become.

I sent this note to someone who sent me an update on the current stupidity of Wiles:

Thanks very much for this. Rick Wiles was doing some big time Jew exposing. He named Jews openly on his show.

Then some Jews, did something to him. I would have to search on my website.

I think they threatened him. Suddenly Rick stops naming the Jews.

I also saw something recently where Rick was talking shit about NAZIS.

So the weak minded fool has been fooled by the Jews.

What a prick.

But I do have some videos where Rick openly named the Jews.

People with weak minds don’t stand a chance against the Jews.

What an asshole he has made of himself.

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