2 Pics: Was the World’s first Female President a Fascist who did NAZI salutes?

[I discovered that the 3rd wife of Juan Peron was a lady called: Isabel Martínez de Perón. His previous wife had been the hugely popular Eva Peron who had died. So he married this woman 35 years younger than him. Later when he died in the 1970’s she became the Western world’s first non-Royal female president! I found photos of her doing NAZI salutes! Anyone who does NAZI salutes can only be good!

I’m not exactly sure of the politics of Juan Peron and his wives but they did also live in Spain and Spain was Fascist. And the Fascists were of course allied and friendly to the NAZIs and Spain was Fascist for long. Jan]


Isabel Perón, in full Isabel Martínez de Perón, née María Estela Martínez Cartas, (born Feb. 4, 1931, La Rioja, Arg.), president of Argentina 1974–76, third wife of President Juan Perón.

She was born to a lower-middle-class family, acquired the name Isabel (her saint’s name) on her Roman Catholic confirmation, and adopted the name when she became a dancer. She met Perón in either 1955 or 1956 and, giving up her career in show business, became his personal secretary, accompanying him in exile to Madrid, where they were married in 1961. She visited Argentina several times in the 1960s and early ’70s, building support for Perón. When Perón finally returned to Argentina to run for president in 1973, Isabel was chosen as his running mate on the suggestion of Perón’s close adviser José López Rega. Perón’s illness several times elevated her to the position of acting president, and when he died on July 1, 1974, she succeeded him in office, becoming the world’s first woman president.

Her regime inherited problems of inflation, labour unrest, and political violence. She attempted to solve the problems by appointing new Cabinet ministers, printing money to pay foreign debts, and imposing a state of siege in November 1974 as the country was on the brink of anarchy. The controversy surrounding her social-welfare minister López Rega, who was forced into exile for graft and terrorist activities, did not help her situation. Moderate military officers urged her to resign, but she stubbornly refused; the economic and political situation continued to worsen, and on March 24, 1976, she was seized by air force officers and held under house arrest for five years. In 1981 she was convicted of corrupt practices, but she was paroled in the summer of that year and went into exile in Spain. Pardoned in late 1983, she submitted her resignation as head of the Partido Justicialista, the Peronist party, from her home in Madrid in 1985. In 2007 an Argentine judge issued a warrant for her arrest on charges of allowing the armed forces to commit human rights abuses during her presidency.

Source: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Isabel-Peron

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