Was Elvis Presley a Jew? – What my American friend in Memphis says…


When I was in the USA in 2019, I spent a week in Memphis and it was an eye opener. It was the first time that I was in a city in America where Whites were outnumbered 2:1 by Blacks. I saw many things there. It was really interesting.

We also drove past Elvis’s house at one point, but never went in. He had told me a lot about Elvis and how loyal Elivs had been to Memphis. Elvis had seen to it that he let Memphis benefit financially from his presence even though he had been given opportunities to move elsewhere.

I also want to add something about these Jews, and it is that they also have their own propaganda where they try to claim that people are Jewish who are not always true Jews. These people are propaganda artists. But, it is also a fact that any kind of Jewish links are then used to propel people forward in business or the movies or any other career. Jews DEFINITELY see to it that Jewish links are REWARDED. You’ll see that Hollywood actors and singers are filled with Jews. Lots of famous "White people" in Hollywood are actually Jewish. But many changed their names to hide their obvious Jewish links.

It does not appear to me that Elvis lived the life of a true Jew. I don’t know of him going to synagogue or being circumcised or doing any of those critical things that define Jews.

I asked my host, who is a true southerner, what he thought of the notion that Elvis was Jewish. This was his quick reply to me:

Yes. But I don’t think it really meant much to him one way or another until his last years when he was grasping at straws to try and explain his existence to himself!

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