#BS#WARNING: WW3: MY MILITARY ANALYSIS: Lots of scare stories of Chinese invasion of Taiwan – My Assessment

#BS#A quick note: I see a lot of news stories and scare stories about Chinese doing recons of Taiwan and everyone is getting scared and even a US General has said Taiwan could be invaded and Taiwan is asking for help … blah blah blah….

Before you get your knickers in a knot believing the Jewish super-power of China is about to invade Taiwan and will conquer it and the world will collapse … just take a chill pill.

In the time of Apartheid South Africa, Taiwan was one of our best allies. We traded with them and had dealings with them.

I went and double-checked the very latest military statistics of tanks, planes, man-power of China versis Taiwan – and I’m telling you that no way in hell will China be invading Taiwan. NO WAYS IN HELL will they invade Taiwan with a conventional force. It would result in the biggest slaughter since WW2 and China won’t risk it.

In fact, I would not be surprised if China were to get a nasty MAULING by the Taiwanese if they dared try and you’d see the biggest slaughter Chinese Communists EVER … along with masses of damage.

The Taiwanese have a lovely tank army and their army will easily be able to fight any army the Chinese land.

The only other option for dumb retarded China would be to nuke Taiwan, which they won’t dare to try.

China has India as an enemy. It would probably take the ENTIRE Chinese army to ATTEMPT to take Taiwan, which would leave China open to invasion by it’s enemies.

All you’re seeing is a LOT of SABRE RATTLING by the pathetic Chinese along the same lines as Russia did earlier this year when they pretended to be getting ready to invade the Ukraine and then at the end said: "It was just a normal military wargame".

The REAL ISSUE here is that dumb fck of a moron, the traitor, ass-hole, fool, communist, thief, paedophile BIDEN. Biden is so freaking retarded that the Russians and Chinese are merely playing a little game and getting the US Government, led by this clown-like piece of crap, to see if they can fool and trick the USA into doing something *DUMB and retarded, which the Jews can manage to manoevre the US Government into.

You might as well just skip over all the cry-baby whining junk relatingt Taiwan and China.

There’s no way this would happen. Japan is close by. Japan would help. And the Japanese are damned good. The Australians would help.

Even a small force from the Australians and a slightly bigger force from the Japanese combined with the Taiwanese and they’ll be slaughtering the dumb retarded Communist Chinese.

Communist China knows full well it’s weaknesses. It has had 70 or so years in which to invade the tiny island of Taiwan, and they’ve not DARED TO.

If the Chinese were retarded enough to try and attack, the world will end up laughing when you see how many Chinese get killed and all their equipment wiped out. For them to cross the sea to Taiwan opens them up to serious issues. This is not D-Day 1944. It would be a disaster for China.

Their only hope would be if they dared to nuke Taiwan up front – which they damned well would not dare to try.

So this is just a little bit of junk scary theater. Don’t even bat an eye lid about it.

The only thing to worry about is what this pure bag of dumb shit, Biden, will be giving away or doing or betraying over this fake, staged little bit of sabre rattling.

You can ignore this. This is all pure crap. A storm in a teacup. Much ado about absolutely nothing.

I’d love nothing more than to see dumb assed China attempting an invasion of Taiwan because they will get their ass kicked six ways to Sunday, even by the Taiwanese, and everyone in the world will realise what a third rate, super-hyped up, Jewish super power China really is.

China doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and China, strategically, will struggle to ever move out of the Asian region. It can barely move inside the Asian region. China is NOT JAPAN. They don’t have the skill and intelligence to achieve what the Japanese once did. You’re looking at a Third Rate power, or even Fourth Rate power.

The Japanese rolled over the Chinese like nothing. Japan should be unleashed so that they can enslave the Communist Chinese and keep them as pets!

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