WARNING: WHITE AMERICANS DEFEND YOUR BORDERS: Food Crisis Triggered by Russia–Ukraine Conflict Could See Mass Migration From Central America to US: UN Official

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[I am amazed that the world has reached the point where any useless Third Worlder can flee to the First World. And of course, the Jewish garbage are only too happy to welcome them into YOUR (FORMERLY) WHITE COUNTRY. Ben Klassen of the Church of Creativity, may have been among the first Whites to see the threat of the southern US border in the 1980s. Back then, Ben wrote that the solution to the illegal immigrant problem is a machine gun. This is true for Europeans as well. Jews allow non-Whites to go into any White country, but Whites themselves are hardly allowed to move between formerly White Nations. All Whites, not just the weak British, but ALL WHITES, need to really harden up. Stop with this emotional nonsense of feeling sorry for non-Whites and Third Worlders. These Third Worlders ALL wanted FREEDOM FROM EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN DOMINATION. They're living in THEIR OWN NATIONS, and they rule themselves. Let them live or die in "their country". They're NOT your problem. Don't let them become your problem. Even the Whites in South Africa are not harsh enough. ALL Whites EVERYWHERE will have to learn to defend their territory – meaning your suburb, your farm, your town, your city. You're going to have to haul out a WEAPON and shoot trespassers. We Whites do NOT have a SURVIVAL PROBLEM. We have a MORALITY problem where we apply our morality, that is for ourselves, to EVERYONE – to the undeserving, to the garbage and the trash. No they are NOT YOUR PROBLEM. They are ADULTS or claimed to be so. If they move into your place, you'll have to stand your ground. If all Whites became really HARD, we would win easily. Easily. Be hard. Be hard in your mind. The TOOLS for survival are there. Just have the will and the guts to use them, and ALL WHITES WILL SURVIVE EASILY. Then after that you can hunt down the White traitors, put them on trial and execute them if they're found guilty. A BIG CLEANUP is needed on this planet. Jan]

The ongoing Russia–Ukraine conflict and subsequent global food crisis could destabilize nations and create mass migration from Central America to the United States, David Beasley, the executive director of the United Nations World Food Programme, said on April 17.

Beasley told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” that….

This is a paid for article that I don’t have access to. You can read the rest here: https://www.theepochtimes.com/food-crisis-triggered-by-russia-ukraine-conflict-could-see-mass-migration-from-central-america-to-us-un-official_4410388.html

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