[I was chatting to an American on Pieville.net and he was saying he thinks the USA will have Civil War within 10 years. I told him that I do think RACE WAR is coming, but it is still decades away, though the Jews are setting it up. I then told him this, which is a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE I want to impart to ALL White males EVERYWHERE. I think this is the only hope for us. Truly. Jan]

My advice is that we must prepare whites for war and to want war. This is important. I have my reasons for believing that WAR is the ONLY FAIRNESS that white males will EVER KNOW. Its a topic I will discuss in my videos. I’ve studied my history. I’m UTTERLY CONVINCED of the truth of what I’m telling you. WAR: FOREVER, is the White Man’s ONLY HOPE for any kind of fairness. There is nothing else.

3 thoughts on “WAR: FOREVER, The White Man’s ONLY HOPE

  • 26th December 2019 at 9:33 pm

    As a hardcore Libra – and female, I really do despise violence of any kind, especially when it’s directed at those incapable of protecting themselves from it, like children and animals. However, that being said, I can’t help but to agree with your point here, Jan.
    The little TV I see from time to time reinforces my hatred and disgust for what I see the Jew advertisers and media controllers have reduced the white man’s role to – a sniveling damned sissy who is a soft, feminized dope, standing by and allowing negroes to take over all of the thrones that were and ARE his! Of course this is nothing other then total BS. I’m noticing how all of these black men showing up on the Fox shows at night on Fox news have taken to wearing glasses – they think somehow that wearing glasses are going to add IQ points to them – it is nothing more then putting glasses on a monkey in my opinion and doesn’t change the unintelligible gibberish that comes out of their mouths.
    The non-whites, and whites, of the world need to be reminded of just how powerful the true white men are. In war, this will be readily and blatantly obvious that there are no true warriors like the white man – and he doesn’t have to fight dirty, either. Non-whites, especially these Jews, need to be reminded that the white man is still, and will always be, the king of the jungle, the lion.

  • 24th December 2019 at 5:36 pm

    What you stated is not only an opinion but a historical & civilization fact.

    Just like after a veld fire (bush fire/field fire) the grass grows greener & stronger, so after every war in the history of the white race you will note the following:

    1. Population explosion.
    2. New inventions.
    3. Higher living standards.
    4. Better health care.
    5. Societies morals self-correct.

    The only way they defeat & make white countries weak is.

    1. Create fake money.
    2. Put whites in a state of luxury through them having easy access to cheap /easy finance.
    3. Buy stuff.
    4. Buy a TV to get brainwashed.

    I am fully, 100% convinced and even more convinced now more than ever before that the middle east 5,000 years ago was white. We know the only people who have introduced & built up high level civilizations have been white.

    I am fully convinced through study, historical documents that this tribe, this group of people today who identify as “the blues” have destroyed every former white middle eastern country, turning them into a brown sludge.

    If you go to Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Persia, you still to this day and even in Pakistan find whites there. I met a North Indian while in India who was as fair as a German, you would not tell the difference between him or a German and he told me his ancestry went back thousands of years in India – so they kept their racial purity.

    All those nations were destroyed, racially mixed.

    There is nothing new under the sun. What was done to them, is being done to us and so we can see how it must have unfolded gradually in the middle east.

    1. 1st they came in/let in.
    2. Then they got into the lowest forms of money making (prostitution/gambling)
    3. Then they bought power.
    4. Then they came into power.
    5. Then they controlled the people
    6. They promoted racial mixing to remain in power.
    7. They destroyed their history

    I am fully convinced, 100% from the study of history that ALL, ALL those middle eastern nations were once white nations.

    They were destroyed through race mixing, someone opened the borders, someone let them flood in.

    We know who was behind the opening of the borders in Ancient Rome & it was the same people we see behind what is happening right now and so it must have been like that in Babylonia, we find that not long after the blues were taken into Babylonia that it began to crumble.

    Just like Rome, just like Spain, Portugal, the U.K, The U.S.A -everywhere you go they do it.

    Whites have a very finite window in which to operate. With cheap credit, mass migrations, hungry migrants looking for success, promoting racial mixing, if they do not wake up within 10 years, like some mass awakening it will be over.

  • 24th December 2019 at 11:46 am

    Jan: CORRECT and well said.


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