WANTED: More information on AIPAC or any other American Think Tanks where Jews are…


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Video: How the Jews and Russians taught the Blacks Propaganda and Communism
In this video we take a really close look at what the Jews and the Russians taught the Blacks who wanted to fight the Whites in South Africa. What exactly did the Jews, like Joe Slovo, tell the Blacks? What exactly were the Russians hoping to achieve in southern Africa in general and in South Africa in particular? How do the Blacks of southern Africa view Putin today and the Russians now?

I am interested in any information on AIPAC or other important think tanks in America where jews are involved. "The american century" stuff interests me. We need to get into the heads of all these fools and scum who are basically just using and abusing American resources until America has been raped to death and then the nomadic Jews will go looking for another nation to colonise, parasite on and ruin.

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Institute for Historical Review
This is a pretty decent website that deals with various historical lies and crimes of the Jewish scum. It deals with the time Israel murdered Americans on the USS Liberty and also deals with the holocaust and various other Jewish deceptions and lies.

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