I thought I’d throw this one out there for those of you who are creative with words.

I am so sick to bloody death of the Jews claiming to be: God’s Chosen…

And I thought that maybe some expansion on the theme of God’s Chosen is welcome.

Feel free to leave comments below this article. I read all the comments.

I’ve been using the phrase: "God’s chosen rats" for the Jews. But then it hit me just now I could call them: "God’s chosen LIARS!" … and God’s chosen THIEVES….

Feel free to add any further ideas that I can use.

"God’s chosen" is of course pure BS. Who said God chosen them, even if God existed.
Even if God existed would he chose such shit as his representatives? I totally discount it.

It is they, the boldest LIARS OF ALL, who claim to be God’s chosen.

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