VIRGINIA & the Intensity of Gun control: The Jews know a pogrom in the USA is coming…


I was explaining to someone on the social media that its never too late. I wrote this:

@thelastgunslinger You make great points about the men willing to do things are in JAIL. Its the same here in S.Africa. Don’t worry. Its never too late. The more I study history the more convinced I am, that whites will ONLY act when they are truly DESPERATE. That’s when the guns come out. And whites also need lots of reasons in order to be goaded into violence. But I think, when I read details of the laws passed, that the Jews and Liberals (communists actually) are doing this stuff as a trial run before trying to roll it out across the USA. I think they are scared shitless that whites will blow their brains out. Among the bills passed are things like: You can’t lend your weapon to a family member. Why? I think it is from paranoia that whites will find ways around the laws and will be blowing away Jews and Politicians. The Jews know… a pogrom in the USA is inevitable. That’s why that Jew, Bloomberg, spent $50 million OF HIS OWN MONEY ON GUN CONTROL!? WHY? They’re not doing this for small reasons. They know… whites are going to KILL THEM when whites finally figure out how they’ve lost their entire nation. They KNOW they’re betraying the whites and fucking them. They know for sure … as night follows day … that the white men will be wanting to do some killing. THEY KNOW. They’re doing this to save their own lives. To me, Bloomberg spending $50 million of his own cash, that said to me, this is deadly serious. That’s also why I was sceptical that the turnout in Richmond would not have the effect whites thought it would have. This is too CRITICAL for Jews. They know the ANGER LEVELS ARE RISING and they have to be a few steps ahead of the angry white males. They’re seeing it coming LOUD AND CLEAR … and this is to prevent THEM being buried. They have seen and been quite freaked out by the attacks in New York. The Jews can see… the game is getting more critical and for them they MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS. They’ll break any law, any precedent. They know there is a FURIOUS RAGE COMING.

My own view is that everywhere in the West, white men will have to arm themselves, and here in South Africa, we’ll have to re-arm ourselves (since we lost 900,000 weapons) … but we still have about a million … The only answer, and the only way to “vote” or have political power is going to be with guns. That is going to be the white man’s method of voting in the future. I can’t see it being any other way.

The same is true in Canada, Europe, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand… its going to be blood when whites try to seize their nations back. Jews know it and Jews are prepared to ensure they win. Its going to be dirty and ugly… like Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. Same thing. Civil War against Jews, blacks, Chinese, Hispanics … anyone they can get on their side against whites.

Jews are just dog shit. There’s no other term for this race of scum.

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