Violent Crime & killing of Whites in Latin America & South America especially Brazil


The other day someone sent me a short video which showed a Black man with an AK47 running into the garage/car port of a White man and shooting him multiple times and it was clear that he died shortly thereafter. The film footage was from a security camera.

Some of my friends thought the video footage was from South Africa but I did not think so. And someone else confirmed that it was actually from Brazil.

I have come across a lot of video footage from Brazil where there are very nasty crimes and killings including those of Blacks against Whites.

If anyone comes across videos or stories relating to Latin America, South America and especially Brazil, on race related topics, then I’m interested in them.

I am especially fascinated by Brazil because Liberal assholes like to claim that Brazil is a great idea for the future and they try to pretend that Brazil is somehow actually successful. It is possible that the Elite and Jews of the USA actually want to turn the USA into a future Brazil.

I am fascinated by the weird interracial DNA makeup of South America and I’ve been impressed by the fact that 100 million or more Whites actually live there and that large chunks of it is actually White.

To me, South America is a greater colonial success for our race than Africa was.

I’m fascinated by Whites in South America and Latin America. So anything from there is worth monitoring and studying and learning from.

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