Videos: Jewish incited violence over Roe vs Wade – Jews will tear America apart

There are 6 videos here which are short and worth watching:

I have noticed with fascination the extreme determination and sudden wild anger that the Liberals, Leftists, Communists and assorted trash that make up the Jewish anti-White side, can garner.

This abortion issue is not serious enough, in any way, that one should go to war over it. But it is amazing how vicious and quickly the anti-White (Jewish) side becomes.

They are outraged and angry over virtually nothing. The slightest, most reasonable things that Whites in America do, are met with a rage and fury and anger that is not needed.

But these anti-White scum, which includes lots of Whites who have been bamboozled by Jews, are upset by tiny things.

The VERY SLIGHTEST move away from Liberalism towards, even moderation or, even the slightest form of "conservatism" is met with intense rage. I have seen this even in interviews. You would think that some bomb or nuclear bomb has gone off. These people are so conditioned to be angry over junk.

In the end, WHITE MALES will have no choice but to stand up against this because these Liberals – even basic, weak, pathetic Liberals, are actually quite CRAZY. Nevermind the Blacks, Leftists and Communists – who are totally bonkers.

WHITE MALES – EVEN THE CALMEST WHITE MALES will, in the end, have to run for a gun to stand up against these people.

The Jews have spent DECADES DIVIDING America and filling people’s heads with Jewish crap.

I think Trump is only the beginning of a struggle in America that will last some time and become ever more violent.

In the very end, in America, like in Canada and Europe or Britain, it will become an issue of Whites – WHITES ONLY – standing up against EVERYONE ELSE. That is how this thing will come to an end.

It will still take some years for this stuff to heat up, but this is nasty.

Look at the lengths they went to, to rig the election against Trump. (No, Ann Coulter is wrong when she says it was not rigged).

It will get wild, and the slightest move Trump makes, the Jewish side definitely see Trump as some kind of wild card that must be stopped.

And Trump is busy working on people and he is busy building up and encouraging people to fight back. And despite them asking for amazingly simple and reasonable things that are NOT EVEN IN THE SLIGHTEST RACIST … it is just amazing to see the anger of these Liberals.

Jews are very worried about the GUNS … because they know, our side has almost got a monopoly on WEAPONS. And they are worried that Jews or their dim-witted retarded supporters will be buried. That’s why they’re so freaked out by the gun issue.

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