Video: WW2: UK: Escaped German Prisoners-of-War Stole A Plane


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Audio: JEWS108: Jews are MANAGERS (Strategists), Whites are WORKERS, Soldiers, Scientists Tacticians
This is a follow up video from How Jews Think. In this video I discuss the class warfare of the Jews as an upper class with a work outlook of Managment versus whites, who almost universally are some form of High Quality Worker. I look at the different outlooks of these two groups and then examine the resulting clashes between then.

[This is a very cool story. Sadly, the Germans did not quite make it out of the UK. But it was a damned clever trick and even the Brits approved of the determination of the Germans and gave them a good meal before sending them back to jail. I would have prefered if the story had ended with the Germans making it back to Europe, but they faced serious difficulties. I also love the way the Germans back in the prison camp covered for their pals. Some nice teamwork. Jan]

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(1990) Bishop Tutu: NAZI slaughter of Jews was better than Apartheid
Black Christians in South Africa are no friends of the Whites. These disgusting people have turned on the Whites many time. Here is Tutu lying and pretending that Apartheid was WORSE than the (mythical) Jewish Holocaust (which never happened).

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