Video: Why did SVB Collapse? What happened with SVB is pretty simple: CIO Meb Faber


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Boer Cartoon: When you give some people a brick
The guy who does these cartoons is a Boer. This says it all.

[This is interesting. The explanation sounds good. This guy believes that investing in value stocks is the way to survive. But I watched another video where a guy said that we've reached a critical point where BONDS are better than STOCKS. The US stock market (and global stock market) is highly overvalued. If Bonds are better, and definitely safer, that might be the way to go. Everything else is being controlled – e.g. Gold and Silver. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Best Independent Website that monitors Ukrainian Tank losses in Ukraine War
Oryx is a brilliant independent Dutch website that monitors lots of military losses including the losses of Russian and Ukrainian tanks. They ONLY count vehicles that they can get photos of and can prove that these are the correct vehicles that were destroyed. This link will take you to see the verified Ukrainian tank losses and you can click to see the photos.

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