Video: Whites: Leave other Races to be themselves: Shocking scenes of tribal warfare swarm Papua New Guinea

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[This is excellent. If anyone can find the original brutal film footage that went viral then I'd like to get a copy of it. There's so much damned censorship of stuff these days by Jews and Liberals who want to FOOL WHITES into thinking everyone is the same as us. My own assessments and thoughts on other races, from my perspective in Africa and watching our interactions with these other races is that we must be like the Americans were with the "Monroe Doctrine". There was a time when America believed in leaving others alone. If we leave these races alone to be themselves we will be much better off for many reasons. And we must also NOT get involved in their anger, their violence, their laws, their killing, their forms of ruling themselves. This is not our business and best of all WE WILL BE BETTER OFF. Stop trying to change them. Leave them. It will work out best for us. Jan]

Here’s the video footage:

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