Video: White men: This is worth fighting and DYING for! – Part 2

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Video: Black African Creativity Vs White American Creativity: Back Yard Inventions
In this video we look at Blacks and Whites and their ability to create things. We look at inventor Blacks who come up with ideas.

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Here are some music videos that impressed me. The first one is actually Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, but they put it to modern music and the result is awesome. The blacks say white men can’t dance. But this white man can! Finally, there are some young beautiful white women… if that doesn’t motivate you then nothing will! 🙂

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USA:Colin Powell: In 20 Years Whites will be a Minority in America:Is there a future for Republicans
2008: General Colin Powell the racist. Colin Powell is supposedly a Republican but what a fence-sitter he is, and like with Oprah, they all just went and supported Obama because hes black.

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