Video: When America was White and SANE: Maintaining Classroom Discipline (1947)

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HORRIFIC STATISTICS: The Horror of Black Communist Rule in S. Africa since 1994
This is doing the rounds on a big scale here in South Africa among Whites. This will give you an idea of the horror of Black rule.

[This is an interesting video from that time. I must say however, that I don't see signs of any punishment of the White kids. In Rhodesia and South Africa naughty boys were caned. It wasn't a common thing. In my 5 years of high school I was only caned twice. I was one of the best behaved boys. But I do think it is necessary. Anyhow I found this an interesting lesson regarding what American schools were like … when America was White! Jan]

Here’s the video:

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20 Pics: RAHOWA (White) RACIAL HOLY WAR: Excellent memes to spread among whites
I really am a huge fan of Ben Klassen and the Creativity Movement. It was Ben Klassen an almost South African sounding name but actually a German Ukrainian who moved to the USA, who invented the Whites only religion of Creativity and coined the phrase: RAHOWA Racial Holy War, for whites.

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