Video: USA: Blacks out of control thanks to Jews & Liberals: Over 50 people arrested in Philadelphia looting spree

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Video: Levels of Betrayal: The Jewish Nightmare nobody is expecting...
I also discuss how in South Africa, the National Party betrayed the AWB. In this video I discuss the concept of Jews using Whites to destroy other Whites. But in the end, ALL the Whites end up losing, including those who worked to destroy the Right Wing/Racial Whites.

[The Police should be shooting these Blacks who run rampant smashing stores and stealing everything. It's totally disgusting. The White man needs to take control of the situation again. Everything Jews and Liberals tell you is a bunch of total shit. Even Jews and Liberals themselves can't control Blacks. Blacks are a plague and they're getting more and more out of control and LIBERALISM and TOLERANCE just makes them MUCH WORSE. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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