Video: Tucker presses South Africa civil rights activist on why people are leaving – My Comments

[Ernst Roets is from the Jew-friendly side of Afrikanerdom. He's part of an organisation that has close ties with Liberals and they are Jew-friendly. But, the organisation is filled with genuine Afrikaners/Boers who deep down, are genuine people. But as with all structures, these things are compromised by being linked to Liberals+Money. But they do do a LOT of good actually for Whites. They manage to sneak it in as "culture" because they can use their language, Afrikaans. So they are even building an Afrikaans university, and most Blacks won't be interested in being taught in Afrikaans. These are among the tricks the local Whites, the Boere-Afrikaners use, to be able to help their own people while not being overtly RACIAL. They do however, when Pressed, state that they are AGAINST White Supremacy, racism, etc. But these kinds of word games will have a limited life span. For now, it does help many Whites in SA. Jan]

here’s the video:

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