Video: The Story behind the Great Jewish Mask – Jews started WW2 – Andrew Carrington Hitchcock & Jan


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Andrew and I discuss my new information regarding The Great Jewish Mask. We also discuss Walter White and what Tom Metzger says about him. He wrote a book about the Jewish involvement in bringing black slaves to the USA.

We also discuss the Jewish Aristocracy of Britain which was a pamphlet written by Arnold Leese.

4 thoughts on “Video: The Story behind the Great Jewish Mask – Jews started WW2 – Andrew Carrington Hitchcock & Jan

  • 5th November 2018 at 9:24 am

    As much as I respect Metzger,he seems to think Hitler was a war monger. When your people are being butchered by communists in Poland,and you try to do everything possible for a peaceful resolution including offers of disarming,and you are ignored time and time again…What else can you do? When the Soviet Union has broken one treaty after another invading all these countries and is now moving troops top your border preparing for an invasion OPERATION THUNDER //What are you supposed to do? Sit back and let the communist hoards roll over you? As far as Israel Cohen,his remarks are in the Congressional Record.

    • 5th November 2018 at 11:51 am


  • 5th November 2018 at 2:18 am

    it always takes 2 or 3 to tango. One handclapping cannot start a war. It takes 2 or 3 to make it loud enough. No side that participates in war has clean hands. No matter how you much you try to wash them after the fact they’re still dirty.

    • 13th November 2018 at 6:05 am

      If the (((Allies))) really wanted to defeat Germany from day one, then they would have destroyed Germany’s fuel supplies at the start of the war. But they did not do that because their aim was the TOTAL destruction of Germany and it’s amazing economic miracle.
      They finally cut off Germany’s fuel supplies after they had bombed Germany into rubble.


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