IMPORTANT: Activism to stop removal of Confederate Symbols! – My Comments

[Here in South Africa, in recent years the blacks were removing the statues of Whites. It's the same as this nonsense against the Confederates! RESIST IT. See the contact details below. Jan]

We need your help NOW!

Tell them this is URGENT!

Both the House and the Senate passed the NDAA. (National Defense Appropriations Act).

Section 377 of the act creates a committee to start the removal of all Confederate names and symbols from our military. Thankfully the President has vetoed the bill. But they can override his veto.
We have precious little time to contact our legislators to remove Section 377 from the Act.

Contact Marsha Blackburn, Mark Green and Lamar Alexander immediately to remove the section that destroys our heritage. You can also call to find your representative.

The House at 202-224-3121
The Senate at 202-224-3121

Keep your comments short, to the point and polite. Do not threaten.

Sign it "Concerned taxpayer and voter"

Please see the attached letter for more information, tips on what to put in your letter or email.

Mark Buchanan
Tennessee Heritage Defense Chairman

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