Video: The Jews took this video down… can you help me to find a copy of it!!! – Whitney Webb and the Jew Epstein

[I was going to post this link to a video, and then I saw that the damned video had already been removed from JEWTUBE. Please if anyone can find a working copy anywhere, please send me the link. Worst case I need to get a copy. Whitney Webb is a leftist and yet she did amazing work on the Jew Epstein and I am told it freaked out Americans. Jan]

This is the video I’m looking for: Whitney Webb Interview – Jeffrey Epstein & A US History Of Sexual Blackmail Infiltrating Politics

Joining me today is one of my favorite returning guests, Whitney Webb, who just wrote a fantastic article (with part 2 in the series coming out today and linked below) that really exposes the reality, not just of a network of powerful people behind the scenes conducting horrific acts, but of a systematic problem that goes back decades, and connects to, and was covered up & ignored by some of the most powerful people around today; connecting to the CIA, US government officials, Mossad, even the mafia, that all included blackmail operations & sex trafficking. All of which has clear ties to Epstein, NXIVM, Trump, The Clintons, and all of what we see playing out today.


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