Video: The Black Communist who destroyed the Whites of Zimbabwe: An Interview with Robert Mugabe (1998)

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Video & Audio: Whites: Strategy Versus Tactics
This is a very important video. When you understand this, you‘ll grasp how Whites survive even when they don‘t have a plan! And why we always stand a chance against racial enemies.

[This is the reason why we left Rhodesia. This guy was a snake and a murderer of note. But he was clever and could fool many people. Whites in Rhodesia HATED him with a passion. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Video: BANNED: The World War the Jews LOST! (1919-1939)
This video was not long on youtube when they banned it. I keep hearing from close friends as well as from other people who do analyses that the Jews ALWAYS WIN! The Jews NEVER LOSE! This is utter nonsense.

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