Video: Stephen Goodson: Rothschild vs the People


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2003: Zim: World Food Program cuts December food for 2.6m Black people
Here‘s proof from an old article of mine that the WFP was feeding millions of Blacks in Zimbabwe after they chased out the White Farmers. Personally I think the Blacks should have been left to starve.

[Some great stuff from Goodson's "A History of Central Banking". Jan]

Banking in Czarist Russia (10 minutes)

Maxim Litvinov vs Joseph Stalin (10 minutes)

Chapter 4: Rothschild vs the People
Here’s the main video: (65 minutes)

Source: A History of Central Banking by Stephen Mitford Goodson
Audio source:

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Best Independent Website that monitors Ukrainian Tank losses in Ukraine War
Oryx is a brilliant independent Dutch website that monitors lots of military losses including the losses of Russian and Ukrainian tanks. They ONLY count vehicles that they can get photos of and can prove that these are the correct vehicles that were destroyed. This link will take you to see the verified Ukrainian tank losses and you can click to see the photos.

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