Video: Seismic information from Norway: Ukraine War: ‘99% sure’ it was the Russians who blew the dam – Military analyst – My Analysis


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[Here is some very interesting scientific information that came from the Norwegians which definitely confirms that enormous amounts of explosives were used to blow up the dam because the dam is too strong to be destroyed by missiles and bombs. I think I even heard that the dam is strong enough to survive a nuclear explosion. On the battle front, the going is not easy. The Ukrainians have already lost about 3-5 German Leopard tanks as well as about 3 or so Bradley Armoured fighting vehicles from America. This evidence from Norway pretty much seems to seal the deal that the Russians did this. Only they had the access and the time to prepare the dam for demolition. And I have published videos where Russians on TV have said that dams should be blown. There is quite a bit of evidence from what seem to be Russian sources that Russians wanted this for a long time and they talked about it for a long time. My final comment is that the blowing of this dam was not a SMALL or TRIVIAL DECISION. The blowing of this Kakhovka dam, tells me that the Russians had a very serious and very pressing need for this to be done. This was NOT DONE LIGHTLY. I am sure Putin even knew or even made the decision. This is not a small thing. It is something that could only be done ONCE and therefore it had to be done at THE RIGHT TIME. And the fact that the Russians chose that time to do it, tells us a lot. It might be an indication that the Russians were VERY WORRIED that the Ukrainians were going to attack from Kherson. That is the only thing that makes sense. That indicates WEAKNESS on the Russian side. So there's much to watch and assess in this insane summer of death. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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