Video: #RussianLivesMatter: BIG RUSSIAN LIES: How many Russians have died in the Ukraine war? – BBC News – My Full Analysis


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[It is ILLEGAL, yes ILLEGAL in "Free" Putin's Russia to mention death tolls that are different to the LIES that the Russian Government wants people to believe. People like that disgusting liar Colonel Douglas MacGregor and Scott Ritter have been claiming that Ukrainians will all be wiped out in a war against Russia that can't be won. But the truth is that the plucky, brave White Ukrainians are dishing out more death to the Russians than they are receiving. In this video, you'll see what the BBC found out as they go to Russia. You can see the graveyards filled with the recently dead. Take special note of these Russians and look at their features and you'll see these ones are VERY ASIATIC LOOKING. VERY. You cannot tell me that these are WHITE EUROPEANS. Not all Russians look similar. "Russian" does NOT mean WHITE. Some Russians, like those in Moscow and to the West look like us, but others in the far east are very much Asian. You can look at Putin, and some of his Generals and you'll see these people have Mongol and Asiatic features. I think I estimated in the past that about 60% of Russians are EUROPEAN/WHITE. Anyhow, who is really dying? In this news report the BBC says that the official death toll is that 7,000 Russians died. This is COMPLETE HOGWASH. TOTAL GARBAGE. Putin and the Russian Government are LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH WHEN THEY TELL YOU ONLY 7,000 Russians have died in this war. That is TOTAL CRAP. The BBC could prove, using graveyards alone, that 25,000 are dead and the graveyards are growing all the time. That is the proof that the Ukrainians are killing a lot of Russians EVERY DAY. British military analysts say, conservatively, that the BBC should double that number. The UK Ministry of Defence and the American Military estimated, at the start of this year, that 70,000 Russians were killed. That's more like it. The total death toll by now should be close to 100,000 Russians killed. Now keep in mind, in war, that you will NOT be able to find all the bodies, especially when you're dealing with artillery, bombs and missiles. If the Russians flee or retreat, which they have done, they won't be able to find the bodies. Ukraine has a lot of vegetation. Some troops might die in the vegetation and never be found. Others might die in buildings and their bodies won't be dug out, etc, etc. So the exact number is really much higher than those whose bodies were found and then buried in Russia. The Ukrainians use drones intensively. Every day they are using artillery to kill Russians in tanks and other vehicles. Most of those bodies can't be found. They're blown to pieces. If they destroy 20 armoured vehicles per day, which is quite a minor number, there will be at least 60 men killed whose bodies will never be recovered. Multiple that by 365 days and you're looking at 22,000 dead Russians that you will never have proof they existed. But Russian artillery are being blown up daily, etc, etc. The Ukrainians could easily kill more than 100 or 150 Russians per day using artillery and rockets and their bodies will be blown to smithereens. You'll never find their bodies. At best you'll find bits and pieces of their bodies. So, let's take that number of 150 per day, which is not excessive actually, and you'll find that after 1 year of fighting there will be 55,000 Russians killed and all that will be left of them are pieces of body parts that you can't identify. I've looked at the insane power of artillery and the incredible power of HIMARS. There is not going to be anything left of you. It seems to me Himars artillery explodes ABOVE GROUND and blows everything away below it. It's insane how powerful it is. There are instances, like recently, where 200 Russians were waiting on a parade ground for a Russian General who was late. The Ukrainian drones spotted them and called in a strike, I think by Himars and poof … 200 dead Russians. The Ukrainians, on most days, kill at least 400 Russians and they have visual proof of it. They have drones watching and recording EVERYTHING. Do you know what the official Ukrainian army death toll is for Russians? The grand total as at today is 218,000 killed! Killed! Not injured. Killed. That is the estimate of the Ukrainian Army. The Americans and British have reduced this, earlier this year by saying it's really 70,000. But I think, by now, in June, even the British and Americans would be closer to guessing 100,000. The BIG RUSSIAN lie of 7,000 dead is so ridiculous as to be laughed to SCORN. That's just total shit. I would say, the MINIMUM number of Russians killed in 15 months is 100,000 DEAD. Furthermore, the Russians are not so good on medical services and for them 75% of those who are injured DIE. For the Ukrainians, their medical services are much better, and comparable to that of the Americans and 10% of those injured actually die. So how many Ukrainians have died? Well, the simple method is to use the ratios and divide it by 2. We could say 50,000 Ukrainian troops have died. Using the ratios of: 2.1 to 2.7 the total Ukrainians dead are between 37,000 and 47,000. Of course, both sides have big numbers of injured men who will never be able to fight again. So that's my best analysis as it stands now. I repeat, Putin and the Russian Government are telling INSANE LIES when they say only 7,000 have died. That's complete crap. Jan]

Here’s the BBC video:

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