2 thoughts on “Video: BANNED: Soft spoken Jewish Backstabbers

  • 19th October 2018 at 10:05 pm

    Correction to the above: Muslims have murdered non-Muslims to the tune of 250, 000, 000!

  • 19th October 2018 at 9:59 pm

    Hi Jan

    I love what you are doing to expose the danger that supremacist Jews pose to the White race. However, I disagree that these Jews are the only enemies that Whites must deal with. Muslims have been killing and enslaving Whites (and other races) in massive numbers since the deadly cancer in the body of humanity known as Islam first came into being 1500 years, and to the tune of around 2,500,000 people so far.

    Yes, it seems that whenever the Jews can they will damage the Muslims too as they also represent a threat to the ultimate goal of Jewish world supremacy and domination.

    However, as I said in a previous posting, every day literally hundreds if not thousands of innocent White girls all over Europe are raped, abused, and degraded in unimaginably horrible ways by Muslim scum who are Pakistanis, Afghanis, Turks, and Arabs, and more. And they will continue to do this without being incentivized in any way by Jews like George Soros or anyone else.

    They do this because the suffer from the same mental disease of ‘entitlement syndrome’ that all true Muslims suffer from, as do perhaps the majority of the Jews, as well as large numbers of Blacks and Latinos too. All these groups of people are a threat to the White race, not only the Jews. And as many of them as necessary must be ‘put down’ by the strongest Whites for being the dangerous anti-White scum that they are if the White race is to one day survive and prosper as it meant to do.

    After having said all that, I’ll add that I do appreciate very much the perspective you add by pointing out how we don’t know to what degree ‘Jewish meddling’ in other people’s affairs is a an important factor in the hatred and aggression that many non-Whites feel towards Whites.

    So in this regard, as small as they are numerically, it may well be that the criminally insane Jewish ‘oligarchs’ who rule over us behind the scenes, and the ‘meddlers’ who work on their behalf, are the greatest enemy of, and danger, to the people of the White race. Sadly, many of these criminally insane ‘meddlers’ are themselves White and traitors to their own race!

    Jan, you continue to talk about the Arab Muslims who resemble Jews since they are both Semitic peoples as if they are the only Muslims. Although the Arabs did ‘give birth’ to this horrible blight on humanity, in the so-called Muslim world, the Arabs are a minority. However, they do seem to feel a special sense of ‘entitlement’ when it comes to Islam for obvious reasons.

    Strangely, the Jews seem to feel something similar when it comes to Christianity. As if they somehow ‘contributed’ to it.

    Hmmm… I can’t help but wonder… why is that?


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