Video: Putin’s 2nd Front: Sudan War: Fighting Continues, A Civil War in The Making?

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2008 Report: Russian Generals Analysis of a Future (Terrible) South African Civil War
This is an article an awesome American supporter, JoAn Wilcox found on a Russian website in 2008 and she translated it into English. This was a Russian General‘s assessment of SA. He was not impressed with the Blacks.

[Notice how this fight is continuing. It's not dying down. We have a 2nd front. The RSF is the group that Russia's Wagner group is arming. Notice the mention that both sides are backed by foreign governments! Rest assured that's what is enabling them to fight! The war is on! Jan]

Here’s the video:

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White Shop: Rhodesia is Super T-Shirt
In the 1970s Rhodesia came up with this logo with this cute little elephant. There were LOTS of elephants in Rhodesia and the Whites were proud of that. The classic elephant and flag logo used by the Rhodesian Tourism authority in the 1970s and 1980s to promote tourism to that country.

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