Video: Political Warfare: How the Boers defeated the British & Jewish Elite


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Jan and Alex discuss some Boer history that is virtually unknown. It’s the story of how the Boers took back South Africa and even massively increased their control after they had lost the Anglo-Boer war when the British Empire invaded and crushed the Boers from 1899-1902. 46 years after total defeat, the Boers had bounced back and taken total control of a much larger area than they had ruled before. The secret organisation, the Broederbond was the key cause of this. What you know as Apartheid is the very tolerant system created by the Boers to allow Blacks to have self rule (at which they subsequently failed). NB: This video needs a follow-up, a discussion of the hideous Liberal/Globalist/Multicultural rubbish that the Broederbond degenerated into. It finally transformed into what is now known as the “Afrikaner Bond”. We’ll return to this disgusting organisation.

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