Video & Photos: DREADFUL: Rapper Kills 2 White Women LIVE on Instagram, Where’s the Outrage and Calls for Facebook to be Shut Down? – My Comments

[This is so terrible. Terrible. In many respects the White women and girls need to be saved from themselves. This comes from all that Jewish Race Mixing propaganda that George Lincoln Rockwell, the American NAZI was warning White America about decades ago. How many more White women and girls will be killed? I'm sad to say that I think LOT more White people are going to die needlessly thanks to Jewish and Communist BS propaganda. Jan]

29-year-old Raymond Michael Weber, brother to the popular Sacramento rapper Uzzy Marcus, was arrested Saturday morning and is expected to be charged with the death of two women in a Vacaville, California apartment complex, MTO News has learned.

A video online surfaced that purports to show Uzzy Marcus’ brother at the murder scene, after killing two women on Instagram Live. One of the women was 26-year-old Savannah Rae Theberge, mother to a four-year-old son and fiance of the black rapper Raymond Weber.

The second “woman” is yet to be identified. They somehow came up with her age and she’s only 15, so not really a “woman” but just a teenager girl, yet the media keeps calling her “a woman”. We don’t know how they know she’s 15 but they don’t know who she is but eventually they will identify her.

In the video, Raymond is seen saying that the murdered girls “set him up”, whatever that means as he didn’t give other details.

At one point, Weber even kneels over the seemingly dead bodies and checks one of the victim’s pulse as he says, “this b*tch still alive.” He then turns off the lights and is heard searching for a lighter before he lights his cigarette using a toaster in the kitchen. Shortly after, the livestream ends.

According to a statement released by the Vacaville police department, when officers arrived at the Rocky Hill Veterans Apartments, they found Weber had barricaded himself inside, prompting them to mobilize the SWAT Team and Critical Incident Negotiation Team, However, negotiation attempts were unsuccessful.

Solano County Jail booking information shows the Vacaville Police Department arrested Raymond at 8:32 a.m. in an apartment in the complex, after a police standoff.

He faces two counts of first degree murder. He was also arrested on a warrant for several felonies, including domestic assault.



As of Saturday evening, Weber remains in the Solano County Jail, where he is held without set bail. His court date is set for Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 1:30 p.m. in Solano Superior Court.

Raymond’s brother, 25-year-old Marcus Weber, is a local rapper who goes by the name “Uzzy Marcus.”

Marcus Weber is currently in the Sacramento County Jail, held on no bail, accused of several felonies including endangering the life or health of a child and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Most of the media censored the images, but some of the media left the images uncensored, we’re gonna be among the ones who will post the uncensored ones and you know why? Because you need to see this, you need to see what happens to white women who decide to be around blacks.



Here’s the video, this one is the full video but censored:

And unfortunately we couldn’t find the complete video uncesored, but just a part of it. However, its still better than nothing:

This happens almost on a daily basis but not the reverse and when a black bastard who was a criminal who robbed a pregnant woman and made porn videos and was even proven by authorities as dying from fentanyl overdose and not asphyxiation, blacks riots for 9 months, destroying everything shouting BLACK LIVES MATTER… Well where’s the WHITE LIVES MATTER?

Its amazing that the blacks complain about them being murdered by whites when in reality is exactly the opposite. Whites rarely ever murder blacks. It is blacks who murder whites. Show us one single similar case where a white man murdered 2 black women like this. It is just a fact, it is just a reality, whites rarely ever murder blacks. If they did, BLM would be out there now rioting 10x more but the fact of the matter is, whites don’t murder blacks…

It is sad what happened to these women but I bet if you were to sit down with them and have a talk, tell them about the dangers of dating blacks, they would have immediately gone angry and start to shout at you “Go F yourself, you racist bastard, you evil nazi! I hope you burn in hell and die of cancer, bla bla bla, mie mie mie!!!!! bla bla!!!”

In many ways they kinda deserve what happen to them but still we cannot take joy… for these, as stupid as they are, they are still our people being harmed by ALIENS (figuratively because they aren’t the same race) who shouldn’t even be in our countries in the first place, let alone be murdered by them and taking all of shit we take from them.

Just look at how mentally castrated white people are. Even as you own flesh and blood, your own daughter is murdered like this, still all you feel is some faint sorrow?? Why no anger, fury, hate, rage?? Why no desire to revenge? Theberge’s mother, Enyaw Taylor, wrote on Facebook: ‘My heart is heavy I’m so sad to say I believe one of those girls that were killed is my baby girl Savannah Rae Theberge whose birthday is 2/3.’


Can you believe this? That’s it? That’s all she has to say about her daughter being killed by a savage chimp? If this would have happened to a black girl, her mother would have probably took it to Facebook to call for the entire extermination of “white devils”. Why can’t whites do the same? Unbelievable…

Where’s all the enraged white people? Where’s the White Lives Matter?? It is a severe problem as you see, whites do not have the slightest collectivism attachment. They are all a bunch o messed up individualists.

Remember when the Jews were calling on Gab and Bitchute to be shut down and over various bs reasons? Where’s the calls to shut down Facebook and Instagram which is owned by Facebook??


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