Video: OneCoin: Massive Crypto Scam: $4 billion – $15 billion stolen! How a Bulgarian Woman Scammed the World, then Vanished


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Whites: Know your enemy: Fun Facts about (((Liberals)))
Liberals are NOT our friends! Liberals are the ENEMIES of ALL Whites. Here are some fun memes about Liberals.

[I'm not sure if this woman is a real Bulgarian. I will ask a friend for more info. But she did something nasty on a big scale. This is somewhat similar to what a White Afrikaans guy in South Africa did recently. He has fled with billions of Rands (hundreds of millions of dollars) from his enormous scam aimed at Whites here. But this woman from Bulgaria, scammed the world successfully and she disappeared TOTALLY! Her name is: Dr Ruja Ignatova Jan]

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BIZARRE: Russia: Scientists to create a genetic weapon against Anglo-Saxons
This is a bizarre story from Russia. I have the link to the original Moscow Times article in Russian which you are welcome to translate. I have published the translation as well as the original text. Now you will see the crazy type of stuff Russians publish in Russia.

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