Video: Napoleon: Jews are GUILTY until proven Innocent!


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Napoleon sent a message to every synagogue in Europe! He tried to gather Jews representing 75% of the Jews of Europe for his Great Sanhedrin. Did Jews practice polygamy in Europe? Napoleon had rewritten the entire legal system of France and now he set out, for once and for all, to solve the Jewish problem. Like the great Christian reformer, Martin Luther, Napoleon was friendly to the Jews. He’d even saved some of them from being exterminated. He had no idea how Jews really think and work. I examine letters Napoleon wrote about the Jews and other topics and we gain insight into a man who was as powerful as Hitler. We also see what the Jews themselves let slip regarding their “communal autonomy”. Napoleon and the French did all they could to bring the Jews happily into their free nation of France and to give them all the civil liberties. But in the end Napleon scrapped it all and issued his Imperial edict called by the Jews the “Infamous Decree”. Napoleon smashed Jewish money lending for ten years and made other rules against them. Napoleon called the Jews: “the most despicable of men”. We also look at Napoleon’s attitude to debt and lending and look at some scathing letters he wrote to his brother. Published on Jul 21, 2016

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