Video: MEN & WOMEN ARE VERY DIFFERENT: From The Happy Wife School: Why Men NEED Sex – My Comments

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[Men and women are different, and their priorities and views are different. The best analysis I heard of women, from Pearl Davis, is that women SEEK ATTENTION. She concluded that "attention" for a woman is like sex is for a man. I thought that was profound and I thought of women I know and what they told me. My mother told me that in her days, that if there were marital problems, that WIVES KNEW AND WOULD ASK: Is the sex ok? They knew that if a woman is not giving her husband sex, that the woman would be at fault. I have had some interesting discussions with a female friend of mine and she was telling me about sexless marriages and women boasting about the limitations on sex that they give their husbands. A man is a mammal, and his behaviour is the same as that of any male mammal. He also gets bored with the same female. One could argue that it is women who want a monogamous relationship whereas men want polygamy. That's something I learned about in the 1990s. There's a lovely book I have on the differences between men and women that I need to find and dust off. It was written by a British psychologist. It's damned good. Monogamy is probably a form of sexual socialism. Here is a mature White woman and she dares to say the unthinkable. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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