Video: JEWS AT WORK: UK PM Liz Truss NO TAX on the Rich and the Bankers – Common people must take the PAIN! – My Comments: Hitler was the BEST!

[Why is Liz Truss letting the Rich get richer? No tax on the rich. No tax on bankers. I'm telling you the JEWS are at work. But this crazy White woman will kick normal White Brits in the teeth. It is interesting how desperate the UK is. This is because we all function on bizarre economies and Jewish economics that makes no sense. It's something I ponder more and more and Hitler's National Socialism was the best method and the only sane way in fact, to run an economy. The Italians were 2nd best. Both those methods are far superior to this Jewish crap we live in. Watch this analysis. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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