Video: Interview with a South African Inventor of innovative firearms


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[Here in South Africa, the whites created many excellent things including all kinds of weapons. We don’t have a shortage of talent … if we were allowed to use it. We can defend ourselves with ease, if we were ALLOWED TO DO SO. Jan]

Tony Neophytou is the South African designer of several very interesting and innovative firearms: the Neostead 2000 pump shotgun, the NTW-20 anti-material rifle, the NeoPup/Inkunzi PAW, and most recently the NeoStrike/Inkunzi Strike machine gun. He was generous enough to spare some time to sit down with me and discuss his experiences from a career of firearms design, and some advice for anyone who might be thinking of doing the same (“sit down until the urge passes!”). Mr. Neophytou is a remarkably talented designer (or as he would have been called 150 years ago, a “mechanic”) and very humble and self-aware. He is one of a very small cadre of people who have actually undertaken the whole experience of arms design from idea through production, and he doesn’t sugar-coat the perseverance it requires. So if you want to know what it takes to actually do that, then grab a coffee and join us for the next half hour!


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