Video: IMPORTANT: White Right: Lewiston Maine Shooter: Maine shooter had interest in online conspiracies – My Analysis


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Afrikaanse Boeke op AfricanCrisis
Hier is ‘n paar boeke wat jy nie in gewone liberale winkels sal kry nie!

[I really don't like what is coming out of this. It looks to me as if Liberals and Jews will be trying to use this shooting as a way of claiming either that online websites are dangerous or that people who go to websites and begin believing in COVID issues, election fraud, etc – should not be allowed to get guns. There are a lot of bad possibilities in this. I don't like the idea that they speak about this man previously having had "Treatment". The only thing that is really silly is him thinking he is hearing voices. But it is the link between shooting and "online conspiracies" that bothers me. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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2003: Zim: World Food Program cuts December food for 2.6m Black people
Here‘s proof from an old article of mine that the WFP was feeding millions of Blacks in Zimbabwe after they chased out the White Farmers. Personally I think the Blacks should have been left to starve.

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