Video: Hyperinflation is Already Here – You Just Haven’t Realised It Yet.

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Video: European Colonialism: How many Blacks did Whites kill? The MASSIVE Black Population Explosion
In this video I focus on the claim that whites just slaughtered and killed millions of blacks in Africa and I compare it with the actual population statistics of Africa.

[I've been pondering the economic situation that we're entering into because hyperinflation should be occurring. This video may have explained it the best out of all the videos I was looking at. They are pointing out that the inflation might be hitting everywhere EXCEPT where it is normally expected to show up – the CPI – Consumer Price Index. The inflation is already an ASSET INFLATION. It is a case of letting the rich always win. Jan]

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Video: 50 Years of Race War in southern Africa presented by Jan in Canada
This lecture is JAM PACKED with tons of facts about us Whites in southern Africa and the wars we fought against Black Communists and AGAINST BLACK RULE. We did NOT want to be ruled by Blacks.In this lecture, I show photos and also videos about many of the key things that happened between us and the Blacks. This is primarily a presentation of how we fought wars over decades, even though there were only a few of us.

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