Video: How Jewish American Pedophiles Hide from Justice in Israel – My Comments pedophiles are WINNING

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[What has happened to that Maxwell woman who was the side-kick and girlfriend of the Jewish pedophile bag of crap Epstein? All of a sudden … silence! I wonder if a huge "deal" has gone down … and now what? Still none of these high level people are PUT ON TRIAL OR PUNISHED!!! So what the hell is going on? I was watching a video about the horrific case in Europe of the pedophile and killer of young White girls Dutroux. In Europe, MOST of the Witnesses ended up DEAD! DEAD! The pedophiles are said to be "rich and powerful" and not one of them went on trial. But lots and lots of White men and women died mysteriously. In that case, it was said that rich and powerful men had sex parties with young White girls whom they would rape, torture or even KILL. They can kill White children… and get away with it BECAUSE THEY ARE POWERFUL. The Jew pedophile in the UK – Lord Janner – that stuff never went on trial. It never came out. Epstein as well – very little has come out. I'm telling you, the system is protecting the really powerful filth. And in this video, look at how conveniently, Jewish American pedophiles can go to Israel! And they are safe there. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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