Video: FANTASTIC: Jewish Super Crook: Sam Bankman-Fried – One of his Execs turns on him!!!


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USA: Black man stabs White woman and has sex with her as she dies...
I was a big fan of the show Medical Detectives. This story really got to me. And this Black man was not even executed.

[This is wonderful stuff. It is very possible that many of the Jew crooks' employees might turn on him!!! It's fabulous. But we need to be aware that the Jewish tribe will do their utmost to save their super crook or to soften the blows on him. So … we'll have to see if there is justice when this little fat rat Jewish crook is put on trial. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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2005: S.Africa: Coffin industry booming due to AIDS
AIDS was killing Blacks a lot 20+ years ago. Coffin and related industries were booming across Africa, especially north of South Africa.

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