Video: EXCELLENT Song: Get off the (Jewish) Hoax Train by Graham Hart

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In this video I discuss Black Revolution. We look at Black Revolution in America and Africa and the role of the Jews as well as that brave American hero, George Lincoln Rockwell, who gave his life trying to save White Americans and trying to save Whites everywhere.Rockwell once made a prediction that After Black Revolution there will be a WHITE REVOLUTION.

[This is one of the best songs that has come out of the Alt-Right. Its right up there with Alison Chabloz’s excellent song: Survivors!

Graham Hart in the UK did this. This song says: Goyim of the World, wake up, you’re on a HOAX TRAIN (of the Jewish holocaust).

NB: NB: The photos and the film footage in this video IS ALL FROM AUSCHWITZ, which the lying Jewish scum refer to as a Death Camp. It shows Jews on the stage, the swimming pool, dentists, workshops, the Jewish soccer team, etc, etc. This is genuine WW2 film footage from Auschwitz! This is what Auschwitz was really like!

Enjoy the song! Jan]

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