Video: EXCELLENT: JEWS AT WORK: Christopher Bollyn: Detailed Analysis of Israels Involvement in US Politics in General and 9-11


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Video: Hamas attack on Israel: Is this a Life or Death fight for the existence of Israel?
Some South African supporters of Loving Life asked for my opinion of this war in Israel and what it could lead to. This is my analysis of the Middle East and what I think about this war between Israel and Hamas. I also look at the Syrian Civil war and we take a look at ALL the Arab/Muslim nations from Egypt to Iran and what threats they might pose to Israel. I also discuss American and Russian military power in the region. Can the region go nuclear? I go into quite a lot of political and military analysis of this conflict.

[This is a full video. This is fabulous stuff. Download it while you can. Jan]

Here’s the video: DarumaIkyu on X: "Detailed Analysis of Israels Involvement in US Politics in General and ‘9-11’, the ‘War on Terror’ and Current US Middle East Objectives in Particular – by Christopher Bollyn (9-11 part starts at 0:33)" / X (


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Video: BANNED: How the Jews infiltrated the Vatican & changed the Catholic Church
On Youtube this was one of my videos that began to go viral, which they then stopped. I regard this as a very important old video and I have fixed audio problems and also added some additional comments to the front of this video. This audio is so important that all Christians and even non-Christians should listen to this. This is a fantastic example of how Jews will infiltrate and change virtually everything. I also discuss Zionism.

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