Video: Excellent America: The World’s biggest Earthquake Shake Table: Six-story steel frame building undergoes seismic testing on world’s largest outdoor shake table


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Video & Audio: S.Africas 2nd Last (Boer) President: PW Bothas Last Public Interview (2006)
PW Botha is a Boer who became the 2nd last President under Apartheid. He was the man most responsible for the immense, first class military force known as the SADF. The SADF was the most powerful military force in all of Africa.

[The size of this is insane. No, you White Americans are NOT EQUAL to Blacks and Third Worlders FFS. Don't listen to the Jewish and Liberal sacks of shit. Look at the stuff you do and the excellent quality of your nation. You should not be tolerating these weak, lying sacks of shit who keep trying to break down your spirit and morale. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Video: WRH002: 2,200 Years ago: How Red Haired Whites (Celts) discovered New Zealand
This is the story of the whites who did not go to Europe. This is the branch of Whites who went to Persia (modern day Iran) and India. What happened to some of these whites? This is the bizarre story of how they got to South America; Easter Island and finally, New Zealand.

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