Video: Excellent America: The World’s biggest Earthquake Shake Table: Six-story steel frame building undergoes seismic testing on world’s largest outdoor shake table

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White Shop: Rhodesia is Super T-Shirt
In the 1970s Rhodesia came up with this logo with this cute little elephant. There were LOTS of elephants in Rhodesia and the Whites were proud of that. The classic elephant and flag logo used by the Rhodesian Tourism authority in the 1970s and 1980s to promote tourism to that country.

[The size of this is insane. No, you White Americans are NOT EQUAL to Blacks and Third Worlders FFS. Don't listen to the Jewish and Liberal sacks of shit. Look at the stuff you do and the excellent quality of your nation. You should not be tolerating these weak, lying sacks of shit who keep trying to break down your spirit and morale. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Photos: Putin and the JEWS: The false belief that Putin will save the White Race
In 2017, in this article I pointed out how much nonsense is being written in the White Right about Putin being some kind of saviour of the White Race. I pointed out his links to Jews. Putin is a Jew-friendly Russian ruler. Since then I‘ve discovered even more data to support this.

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