Video: Debunking 15 Inventions Created By Black Americans – AfroCentrism Junk – My Comments

[It's amazing the Black claptrap that comes out of America. There is also Afrocentrism. That's another load of bollocks that was invented by the demented, hyped-up, junk Black "Academics". That is the theory that Blacks ruled Egypt, built the pyramids, had super science, blah blah, and that the Romans and Greeks stole their fantastic Black technology! But if the Blacks were so clever, then how did they LOSE THEIR TECHNOLOGY? Couldn't they just have built new stuff from scratch, new pyramids and new UFOs and spaceships at some other location? It's all a bunch of claptrap. This is "woke-ism" from decades ago, before BLM and ANTIFA existed. The Blacks Americans were demented and mad back then already thanks to Jews and Liberals. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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