Video: The Daily Shoah on The Right Stuff interview History Reviewed Channel

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I want to thank my YouTube channel supporters deeply for arranging this interview. I do need more exposure to other audiences. More than a year ago I had people try (unsuccessfully) to get me an interview on Red Ice. Several people tried hard with no luck.

This was my first contact with the Alt-Right. I was very impressed. My interview was show number 143. I will give my impressions of the Alt-Right in a separate video. The interview was 2.5 hours long. We discussed South Africa mostly and how it had got to the point it is now. My hosts were very knowledgeable. I wish that whites in South Africa, especially the Boers would realise that their history has become a symbol of hope for some young whites overseas who now look up to them.

The URL for the show is here:

You will find a *LOT* of extremely interesting comments at this link and I urge White South Africans to view this.

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