Video: China: the next Jewish Super-Power & Why Germans must be EXTREMELY PROUD of WW2, Hitler & NAZIs!


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In this #TeamWhite session, Alex Linder (USA), Alfred Schaefer (Germany) & Jan (South Africa) discuss the Jewish destruction of America and Europe’s economies by “outsourcing” by Jews to communist China.

We also discuss the latest news on Alfred’s sister and the state of the Jewish versus German struggle in Germany where the Jews are working night and day to keep the white Germans oppressed and down so that Germany may NEVER rise again!

Alfred discusses his observations that the awakening of whites is picking up pace and going exponential. He discusses the despicable Thought Police of Germany who are sent by the Jews to harass honest Germans and to put them in prison simply because it suits the filthy anti-white Jewish agenda.

We discuss why Whites must NOT deny their racism nor their NAZI views. Why whites must be PROUD and stand up for themselves and be what they are. I explain why Germans, DESPITE THE INCREDIBLE TRAGEDIES OF WW2, must be EXTREMELY PROUD of the INCREDIBLE ACHIEVEMENTS OF THEIR NATION back then when Hitler and the NAZIS fought world Jewry … and nearly won! That Germans must realise that those whites who know the truth LOOK UP TO THEM for their incredible efforts, their bravery, their determination in the face of overwhelming odds and that they are a source of inspiration to the rest of us. Germans must NEVER feel bad about WW2. NEVER! They did NOT start it (ignore the Jewish lies about that). Germans must be very proud of what they did and ALL other whites can look up to them and learn from them as we all now face the global nightmare of Jewish communism and the Jewish genocide of white people.

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