Video: China: 300 Local Banks in trouble $21 trillion owed! – Global Economic Crisis: China’s Debt Pile Triggers Concerns for the World


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Video: Can 50 million Blacks kill 4 million Whites in 2 weeks?
I did an insane amount of Military Academic work in order to answer this question. In here, youll see something totally unique. I explain why I think several Blacks did research into this and what was their inspiration for coming to this conclusion, as well as the horrific ideas they have in store for us. I also demonstrate, what an all out race war would be like if it raged across South Africa. The answers may surprise you.

[This report includes mention of the US Economy from an Asian angle. Dumbass China is not doing well. Their stupid economy is using new loans to pay off old debt as they sink! I'm loving it. Bye bye Jewish Communist China! Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Zimbabwe: I prefer sex with animals... is better than sex with women
This Black guy has had sex with 260 women, but he‘s also had sex with different types of animals. He‘s concluded that sex with animals is better...

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