Video: Beyond Insane, Jews at work: Pelosi rams through $1.5 trillion spending bill in the middle of the night!!!!

[There is insanely crazy stuff going on in the US Government. The hag Pelosi is wild in what she's doing. A bill of 2,700 pages was put online at midnight and then everything was voted on in the middle of the night. Now Congressmen can't modify it, and they only have an insanely short time to go through these crazy 2,700 pages. The amount of money being spent is an insane $1.5 trillion. It seems to me as if this omnibus spending bill merely relates to keeping the government running. This amount is crazy. It does suggest that the Government is in trouble. I've never heard of anything like this even in the USA. It is good that there are some more vocal Whites around who dare to tell the truth, like this Congresswoman. Pelosi is very corrupt. I'm amazed at how all these people in congress have got all kinds of business dealings. Pelosi and her husband have got business stuff. Nobody in Government should have any businesses while they are in office. I find this insane. Hitler would never have allowed crap like this. Rest assured, JEWS ARE AT WORK. The Jews must be stealing almost everything they can in America WHILE THEY CAN. This is very creepy. It might also show that things are close to collapse. That things are teetering on the edge. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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