Funny Reader: Let’s start a White Football league, a basketball league, baseball and see how fast riots broke out

The Reader wrote:

I had always thought it would be funny to start-up a White Football league , a basketball league , baseball and see how fast riots broke out . Kind of figure I wouldn’t have to pay bills , while fleeing from the Angry hordes .Do a little crowd funding to finance my flight to upper Montana and blend back in. My fellow Americans are friggen stupid , none of them has ever read ” You can trust the communist to be a communist ” Now I have lived in north Idaho , but currently live in Washington state { communist } Idaho is a mining state { Bush family }, timber is controlled by Great Britain { always has } Way I figure it this country { U.S. Inc }has about 10 years , after that,….immigration will overwhelm the cities , than they will need to eat.California is a joke , they will self-destruct. The whites from California are flooding Western Washington,….they tried North Idaho…..didn’t work .All the Land is owned by Finns, Swedes, Norwegians and Germans….money means nothing to my old neighbors .But now the MAIN Factor is the weather, 2 years of cold springs will cripple food production , than the cities will cry for food ….thus looting and shooting………going to get wild here real soon.

I replied:

I like the idea of starting white’s only things and YES, LET THEM COME AFTER US. You’ll see that I always advocate that WORSE IS BETTER, just BITE THE BULLET and go for it. Let’s see how tough our enemies really are?

I’m glad to see a fighter in the USA.

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